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Chinese  Medicine 2000 was established in December 2000, Dr  Helen Xia was one of the founders. The clinic is located in Sydenham ( near the Sydenham Railway station), South East London. It is nearly 80 square meters, has one reception room and three treatment rooms.

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The Practitioner

Dr Helen Xia


She graduated from Hubei Traditional Chinese Medicine University, advanced to gain her medical Master degree at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. As a heir to Famous Professor Xia Youzhou, she got lots of secrets In clinical success. She worked in Huazhong University of Science and Technology affiliated Wuhan Union Hospital for many year in teaching, research and clinical work of traditional Chinese medicine. And she was promoted to a senior academic post eventually.


She was the former Deputy Secretary-General of the Chinese Medicine Gastroenterology Professional Committee and also prestigious members of other Hubei Provincial  Committees. Dr Xia contributed chapters in the 《Traditional Chinese Medicine Tumor Prevention and Treatment》as the deputy editor and published by the Science and Technology Literature Publishing House, and 《Chinese Medicine Hepatobiliary Diseases》& 《Practical Chinese Medicine Cardiology》and many more.


Since came to UK in year 2000, she founded the Chinese medicine 2000 clinic and Health TCM UK Ltd and worked as Director and TCM doctor until present days.


Dr Xia is currently a fellow of the ATCM, Vice President of Hubei University of Chinese Medicine European Alumni Association, Deputy Secretary-General of Overseas Chinese Medicine Forum.


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